FULL TRUCK TRANSPORT - The Customer orders the full area of the dedicated means of transport. Then the vehicle is accommodated to carry the specific load. Our company is specialized in furniture transport services, and years of experience have made it possible for us to acquire in-depth knowledge concerning the safe transportation of interior furnishings.

COOLED MATERIALS TRANSPORT - This cargo needs to be transported in low temperaures and in strictly controlled conditions. The goods within that category include fruits, meat, frozen products, cosmetics, as well as goods used in the fields of pharmacy or chemistry.

UNITIZED CARGO TRANSPORT - Low weight and smaller dimensions cargo transport, with optimized costs. The customer may ship several types of packages in a single transport operation, which limits the costs

Each of the transports may be carried out as a single order, as well as in a form or long term contracts, concluded with the customers. Our fleet is modern and reliable, and includes the latest vehicles, conforming with the Euro 5 norm. Each of the vehicles has been fitted with a GPS system, making it possible to continiuously control and monitor the service which is being rendered.